[UPDATE] LANGUAGE, LITERATURE AND CULTURE IN THE CONTEXT OF PHILOSOPHY conference, deadline for submissions extended to March 15

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Faculty of Foreign Languages, Alfa University, Belgrade

Faculty of Foreign Languages (Alfa University in Belgrade) is glad to announce its Fourth International Conference on Language and Literary Studies, which will be held on May 22 and 23, 2015.
For the fourth issue of our annual conference, we hope to gather scholars and teachers whose scientific research focuses on the study of
While the interconnectedness of language, literature and philosophy has its roots in the thought of ancient Greek philosophers, it could be argued that it becomes increasingly important with the research carried out in the twentieth century by Ludwig Wittgenstein, Mikhail Bakhtin, Russian formalists, French structuralists and post-structuralists, as well as with the revival of Friedrich Nietzsche's influence. The mid-century Existentialism was of particular importance for the Theatre of the Absurd, which largely relied on language games. Contextualization of the study of language and literature has, in addition, led to the development of new disciplines such as discourse analysis, cultural studies and the philosophy of language which was championed by Noam Chomsky among other prominent scholars. This Conference aims to reconsider the topical issues related to implications of philosophy on linguistic, literary and cultural studies, such as the status of Derrida's deconstruction, which played a crucial role in the study of language and literature for a certain while. Furthermore, the Conference attempts to investigate where did all that theorizing get us, and what are the contemporary trends in this field of scientific research.
We are pleased to announce that our confirmed keynote lecturer is Prof. Christopher Norris, a Distinguished Research Professor in Philosophy at the University of Cardiff, Wales. Professor Norris has written more than thirty books on aspects of philosophy and literary theory, among them The Deconstructive Turn, The Truth About Postmodernism, Spinoza and the Origins of Modern Critical Theory, Quantum Theory and the Flight from Realism, Philosophy of Language and the Challenge to Scientific Realism, On Truth and Meaning, Fiction, Philosophy and Literary Theory, Badiou's Being and Event: a reader's guide and Re-Thinking the Cogito: naturalism, rationalism and the venture of thought.
The title of Christopher Norris's keynote lecture is Deconstruction, Theory, and "Creative Criticism": thoughts on the current state of literary studies.
Your proposals for a fifteen-minute presentation (followed by a short discussion) should be sent by e-mail to fsj.conference@alfa.edu.rs, by March 15, 2015. The proposals should contain your name, affiliation and e-mail address, title of the presentation and an abstract of 250 to 300 words, together with up to 6 keywords. Proposals should be submitted in the language in which the presentation will be delivered: English, Spanish, Russian or Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian. You will receive notification of acceptance by March 30, 2015.
Conference fee is 60 EUR for payments effected by April 20, 2015. Payment instructions will be forwarded to participants upon the acceptance of their presentation proposals. For payments effected later or upon arrival to the conference, the fee is 80 EUR.