[UPDATE] 2016 MLA Special Session: More-Than-Human Publics in 19th-Century English Lit

full name / name of organization: 
Shun Yin Kiang/ Northeastern University

Possible topics: animal-human encounters, pastoral or colonial representations of ecologies/life words, and narratives and poetics of living in common(s). We are interested in papers that attend to the affective, everyday nature of more-than-huamn encounters and eco-spheres, as invoked/mediated in Romantic poetry and Victorian fiction. The extent to which representations of more-than-human publics in 19th-century English literature confound rather than confirm taxonomic thinking, or, more broadly, the ways in which more-than-human publics animate new relations/approaches to eco-criticism, (post-)colonial studies, body politics, posthumanism, more-than-humanism, etc., are of interest to us as well.

Please send a 250-word abstract and 1-paragraph bio to Shun Kiang (Ph.D. candidate at Northeastern U) at s.kiang@northeastern.edu
and Kaitlin Mondello (Ph.D. candidate at CUNY) at kaitlin.mondello@gmail.com by March 13, 2015.