SAMLA 87, 13-15 Nov. 2015--Shared Politics: Political Adaptations, Appropriations, and Influences

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Phillip Zapkin
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This panel seeks interesting and innovative papers in the field of adaptation studies. As Linda Hutcheon writes in A Theory of Adaptation, adapters "are just as likely to want to contest the aesthetic or political values of the adapted text as to pay homage." Our panelists will explore the political uses to which adaptation is put, considering why and how authors adapt specific texts for political purposes. We will consider the possibilities and limitations of using adaptation as a political tool.
This panel will accept papers on adaptation, appropriation, or influence in any time period, medium, or national context. Paper proposals addressing the SAMLA 87 conference theme of "In Concert: Literature and the Other Arts" (e.g., transmedial adaptation) will be given special consideration.
By 15 June 2015, please submit a 300 word abstract, brief bio, and any A/V requirements to Phillip Zapkin of West Virginia University, at