Update: "Rebecca West and Dissent: The Politics and Poetics of Heresy"

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The International Rebecca West Society
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Rebecca West famously did not toe lines, whether these lines were associated with party, ideology, literary movement, genre, gender, religious beliefs, etc. In most cases, from her leftist anti-communism, to her bourgeois leftism, to her paradoxical feminism, to her anti-atonement Christianity, to her genre-bending, West was a dissenter, a rebel, and a heretic—even within movements that were already oppositional such as feminism. We invite papers that explore precisely and explicitly what rules she transgressed, how she transgressed them, and what the consequences of her transgressions were, whether they applied to literature, politics, society, religion, or philosophy. Was her non-conformism visionary and if so, did it have any real consequences in the long run? What techniques did West use to formulate and convey ideas that broke with convention? Was she not only the World's Number One Woman Writer in the middle of the twentieth century, but also the World Number One Female Heretic? We will also consider papers on other topics.
Abstracts of up to 200 words are to be sent to Caroline Krzakowski by April 15, 2015 czkrzakowski@gmail.com