[UPDATE] CFP Narratives in rhetoric, composition, and literature

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Textual Overtures Online Graduate Journal from Washington State University

Call for Papers
Textual Overtures Volume 3
Narratives exploring use and mediums in composition, literature, and rhetoric

Textual Overtures is currently accepting submissions for its 2015 issue under the theme of "Narratives." We invite papers to address narrative from traditional definitions such as stories or accounts of events (autobiography, lifewriting), literary works, and the technique or process of creating a narrative. We also encourage addressing narratives as ethnographies, for pedagogical use, in theoretical critiques, and for rhetorical uses or critiques. Other narrative topics could be but are not limited to: narratives as addressing and complicating race, class, and gender as a rhetoric, in literature, and in composition; narratives in the digital humanities such as film, videogame, comics, and other multi-modal, multimedia possibilities; narrative ethics; narratives in research; the credibility of narratives; historical use and perspectives on narrative.

A graduate-only, open-access journal, Textual Overtures is committed to providing emerging scholars a venue to network, present their scholarship, and share inspired approaches to pedagogy, criticism, and composition. We value innovative and inventive interpretation of both subject matter and presentation, and welcome work that embraces digital media, including multimodal, and hyperlinked work. We accept work from both Literature and Rhetoric and Composition disciplines.
Author(s) may submit MS Word attachments to textualovertures@gmail.com following MLA style guidelines in addition to submitting and completing a submission form. All queries may be directed to textualovertures@gmail.com. You can also visit our website or find us on Facebook.

Submission deadline is 22 March 2015.