Weird South (MLA 2016)

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The Society for the Study of Southern Literature

The south has long been tied to adjective "weird," and not just in Austin, Texas. As a slogan that began as a way to promote local businesses, the idea of "keeping ________ weird," resonates with representational practices, economic structures, and counter-cultural mystique. But what does it mean to be weird in a region that already seems to be a repository for weirdness? And how does one talk about the "weird," without re-inscribing southern exceptionalism? This panel invites papers that recover, examine, interrogate, and theorize the weird south. All approaches and archives are welcome as we attempt to make sense of the relationship between the weird and the southern.

By March 20, 2015, please submit abstracts of no more than 300 words along with A/V requirements to Gina Caison, Georgia State University, at and Stephanie Rountree, Georgia State University, at