Eborakon poetry magazine

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Eborakon is a poetry magazine based at the University of York, publishing new writers alongside established poets. The name derives from the Brythonic for York, meaning "place of the yews". We value writing that is rooted, both in the resonances of language as it has been used over the course of history, and in the evocation of place. We are nourished by the writers and critics that have preceded us, at the same time branching out to explore the future. Like the yew, for us poetry is mysterious and earthly, real matter that is potentially dangerous to savour.

Submissions are open until 30th April for our summer issue. In addition to poems, we are accepting reviews of contemporary poetry and studies of poetics, off-kilter essays on marginalised or eccentric figures, or what we term "the unexpected" (things beautiful in their strangeness/hybridity).

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