MMLA 2015 Canadian Literature

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Ellen Feig MMLA2015
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"Every human society possesses a mythology/which is inherited, transmitted and diversified by literature."

Northrop Frye, Words with Power: Being a Second Study of the Bible and Literature (1990)

A champion of Canadian literature, literary critic Northrop Frye argued that, although provincial in nature, Canadian literature provided a deeper understanding into the Canadian imagination and the view of the Canadian environment. Calling this idea the "garrison mentality," Frye argued that all of Canadian literature falls within one central archetype – the belief that due to the "hostile nature" of the Canadian landscape, the literature exhibited a theme of isolation and moral discomfort.

This panel, in keeping with this year's theme of "Arts and Sciences" will examine the Frye argument through a review of contemporary (post 1950) Canadian literature, including but not limited to the following themes:

The Garrison Mentality in Canadian literature
First Nation or Indigenous People in Canada
The Canadian Natural Environment in Literature
Urban areas in Canadian literature
Immigration and the national experience
Canada as an outpost of the United States
The Work of Margaret Atwood
Montreal and the Canadian Jewish Author
Canadian identity
Frontier Life and Survival
Canada and the World
The Short Stories of Alice Munro
Failure as a theme
Leonard Cohen
Search for Self-Identity
French-Canadian literature
Susan Wood and Feminist Science Fiction

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