Special Session Panel: Religion in American Literature (PAMLA), Portland, OR, 11/6-8, 2015

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2015 Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Portland, Oregon
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This panel seeks to address how questions of faith have shaped cultural meanings in American literary history. In particular, it welcomes papers that examine the relationship between suffering and religious identity. Some of the questions we will consider are: how do literary texts represent the connection between suffering and faith? How did the growth in secularity influence the way American writers conceptualized and responded to suffering? Do religious and non-religious writers come to terms with human suffering in different ways?

Please send your proposal directly to the PAMLA online system: pamla.org. The deadline to submit paper proposals is May 1, 2015. All special session panel participants must join PAMLA by June 1, 2015 and must register and pay for the conference by September 15, 2015.