Call for Book Proposals—Engagements with Literature

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Daniel Robinson, Series Editor / Routledge
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As the series editor for Engagements with Literature, a new series from Routledge, I am interested in receiving proposals for books that might suit the remit of the series, described below. The series launches this fall with two exciting titles—Engagements with Narrative and Engagements with Close Reading. Two other titles—Engagements with Nature Writing and Engagements with Contemporary Critical Theory—are in progress.

If you have an idea for a book in this series, please contact me at I am open to considering any topics that may suit the description below. I would like to know what your experience is as a scholar, author, and teacher.

Daniel Robinson
Homer C. Nearing Jr. Distinguished Professor of English
Widener University

Series Overview

Engagements with Literature is a series that presents engagement as a means of discovery. Unlike other books that simply provide references and overviews, this series offers students and instructors new ways to engage with the literature they are studying, teaching, or researching. Each book balances foundational information and key topics with new developments and trends—while also looking forward to work yet to be done, offering different or challenging approaches and perspectives. Each book should be lively and engaging!

This series is dedicated to providing fresh approaches to the reading and study of the most significant topics in the discipline of English. Each book should be focused on a literary approach, period, genre, theme, nationality/ethnicity, major author, or other topic of interest to students and instructors in the US, UK, and elsewhere. Each book will provide a critical introduction to the topic, outlining the history and context of the area as well as exciting new directions within the field. Each book should address the key authors, texts, and other topics to be found in a course on the subject at hand.

Each book, Engagements with [topic], should be written with advanced undergraduate students in mind, but should also be useful for graduate students and instructors. Each book in the series may have some features in common but will not follow a prescribed organization. Different topics require different approaches to engagement. Each author will have a certain amount of freedom to express his or her own voice and opinions in order to make it both more interesting to write and to read.