MMLA 2015 English I: English Literature before 1800

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Kathleen Burt / MMLA

How the sciences and arts were connected and how they were distinguished in theory, practice, and literature evolved considerably from the medieval period, through the Renaissance, and into the Enlightenment. The relationships between two areas are often complex and varied by genre, author, or even text. This panel welcomes papers that address any aspect of the arts and the sciences.

This panel especially invites explorations of intersections or distinctions between art and science in literature and language from any literary or historical period or genre until 1800. Individual author or text studies, how specific literary forms or genres handled the relationship, or how particular themes or period conventions were especially representative of a perceived relationship between art and science are only some of the many avenues that might be explored. Other possibilities include literature as art or science, examining texts that are not traditionally considered either artistic or scientific, such as textbooks or religious handbooks. Papers concerning definitions, practices, and theories of intersection that characterize a period, author, text, or change over time are especially welcome.

Please email 200-300 word abstracts and a brief self-introduction or CV by April 5, 2015 to Kathleen Burt, Marquette University at