Migration & Marginalities: C21 Routes - deadline: 1st April 2015

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C21: Centre for Research in Twenty-First Century Writings, University of Brighton, UK

Across Europe, the public discourses of migration continue to trade on anxiety and fear. Much of this debate seems wearying familiar: populist politicians rehearse familiar anti-immigration rhetoric, while EU states co-operate to target so-called "irregular" migrants. At the same time, European migration appears to display new contours and patterns that such repetitions seem unable to record. Migration within Europe has also changed, as the EU expansion has combined with the calamitous collapse of finance capital.

Is it possible to reconcile these continuities with the seeming novelty of Europe's migration? Does the apparent familiarity of these debates reveal or mask the shifting realities of migration in contemporary Europe? Furthermore, what differences or similarities can we trace from state to state? And are the discourses surrounding migration in Europe particular to the continent or simply evidence of a planetary trend?

We welcome papers that critically examine, document or respond creatively to the languages of migration in 21st century Europe and Britain. Submissions (c.300 words) might address, but are not limited to, one of the themes outlined below. We would especially welcome submissions from critical discourse analysis, cultural studies, film and media studies, literary studies.

- Britain and Europe's 'New' Migrants
- C21 Migrant literature/film/activism in Europe and Britain
- Europe's sea of death and other routes
- Race, ethnicity and migration in contemporary Britain and Europe
- C21 Borders, boundaries and crossings
- Detentions, deterrents, deportations
- The Migrant/Immigrant Body
- Economic migrants, missing migrants, asylum seekers, the undocumented
- The rise of the New Right

DEADLINE: email your proposal and short bio to
C21Writings@Brighton.ac.uk by 1 April 2015

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Further information available at: http://arts.brighton.ac.uk/research/c21/events

Conference Organising Team: Liam Connell, Vedrana Velickovic, Mark Dunford, Jelena Timotijevic (all University of Brighton)