MMLA 2015: Short Story and the Novel (proposal submission by April 10)

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Midwest Modern Language Association
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How does the recent expansion of fantasy and science fiction novels into short stories erode the dividing line between short stories and novels? How do film adaptations influence this process?

With J. K. Rowling's latest addition to the Harry Potter series, or the recent inclusion of Four: a Divergent Collection in the trilogy by Veronica Roth, some texts appear to bring extended fictional worlds into the realm of short stories. How do such texts bridge the gap between these genres? How do they reinvent short stories? How do such trends impact the readership of this genre? Further questions/directions (including the influence of film adaptation on this genre) are welcome, and in an effort to extend the focus of this panel, abstracts on any aspect of the recent interaction between short stories and novels are encouraged.

British, American and other literatures are welcome. Please send a 250-word abstract with a short CV to Ildi Olasz at by April 10, 2015, and include "Short story and the Novel" in the subject line. (Please also check out the other panel call for MMLA short stories: "Pedagogy of Short Stories.")