[UPDATE]: Facilitating Undergraduate Research: Where Art Meets Science (Roundtable)

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Midwest Modern Language Association (MMLA) 2015
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Facilitating Undergraduate Research: Where Art Meets Science (Roundtable)

Completing an undergraduate research project can be one of the most important components of a student's university experience. Undergraduate research can challenge students to apply their knowledge and skills in a meaningful way; to work closely with faculty; to collaborate with peers or members of the community – factors which, in turn, are deeply connected to student engagement and learning. This roundtable aims to gather a diverse group of faculty, staff, administrators, and students to discuss opportunities for undergraduate research in fields related to literature and language. In lieu of an abstract for a paper proposal, please provide a brief statement on your previous experiences in undergraduate research and your role (faculty, staff, administrator, and / or student). As part of your statement, consider reflect on how you could contribute to this roundtable by addressing some of the following questions: what opportunities for undergraduate research are available at your institution? What courses or experiences prepare undergraduates to pursue their project? What challenges do students, faculty, staff, and/or administrators face in supporting undergraduate research? How can we facilitate or encourage interdisciplinary research opportunities for undergraduate students? How can we better develop opportunities to engage students in meaningful research projects within a single course? How might we develop opportunities for students to collaborate on research?

This roundtable is proposed for MMLA 2015, November 11-15,
Columbus Ohio

Please send statements of 250-350 words by April 5, 2015 to Kelsey Squire, Assistant Professor in English, Ohio Dominican University (squirekelsey@gmail.com)