[UPDATE]: Reimagining the Survey Course (Roundtable)

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Midwest Modern Language Association (MMLA) 2015
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Reimagining the Survey Course

Proposals invited for this MMLA roundtable session, which seeks innovative approaches to teaching literature surveys from a variety of perspectives. Proposals may explore practical, institutional, or theoretic/disciplinary matters. Practical concerns might include textual choices, examples of teaching strategies, including relevant assignments, syllabi, etc. Institutional matters might include possible ways of introducing innovation in the curriculum through surveys and/or assessment matters, as well as surveys from a range of institutions. Finally, some possibilities for disciplinary/theoretical concerns are questions of survey courses in degree programs, issues of canonicity, and delineations between "British," "American," and "World" literature surveys, just to name a few. Papers with some sense of balance between theoretical discussion and innovative possibilities will be especially welcome. Handouts and samples are encouraged.

All 200-300-word abstracts and very brief bio should be sent to Michael Modarelli at mmodarelli@walsh.edu by April 5th, 2015.