Conference CFP: PSYCHOANALYSIS AND FREEDOM (April 22-23, 2016)

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The first biannual conference for LACK, a new organization devoted to the promotion and development of Lacanian psychoanalytic theory, will be held at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on April 22-23, 2016. This conference hopes to bring together those interested in exploring the philosophical, political, and cultural implications of psychoanalytic theory, especially as it relates to the question of freedom. Though practitioners are welcome, the focus of the conference is psychoanalytic theory rather than practice, and theoretical papers will be privileged.

Plenary Speakers:
Joan Copjec (Brown University)
Alenka Zupančič (Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts)
Richard Boothby (Loyola University)
Mari Ruti (University of Toronto)

Participants can address any issues touching on Lacanian theory in the broadest sense, and the following topics are meant to be suggestive rather than exhaustive:

* The political implications of psychoanalysis
* Lacan as a cultural theorist
* New versions of psychoanalytic film theory
* Lacanian theories and analyses of television
* The relationship between psychoanalysis and philosophy
* Intersections between psychoanalysis, critical race theory, and popular culture
* Determinism in psychoanalysis
* Ethics and sublimation
* Freedom through/from fantasy
* Psychoanalysis and the struggle against racism
* Freedom in relation to the symbolic, imaginary, and real
* Queer theory and psychoanalysis
* Freedom and the new realism
* Psychoanalysis and feminism
* Capitalism and freedom

Please email paper proposals as Word attachments, including title, 250-word abstract, brief bio, and a short bibliography (3 to 5 entries) to and To propose a pre-constituted panel, please send the individual abstracts and other information in a single attachment.

Proposals are due by August 1, 2015.

Conference Organizers: Scott Krzych (Colorado College) and Todd McGowan (University of Vermont)