2015 World Picture Conference

full name / name of organization: 
University of Toronto/World Picture

2015 World Picture Conference
Keynote Speakers:
Christoph Menke (Goethe-Universitat, Frankfurt am Main)
& Olivia Boudreau

The theme of this year's conference is "faculty." We are interested in papers that pursue any of the many ways of thinking about faculty, whether in its most obvious sense—as a group of scholars—or else as a particular capacity, aptitude, or disposition of the mind or body. In its broadest definition the term faculty concerns "the power of doing anything," and speaks as much to the sense of facility that comes with such a power as it does to the rigors of discipline sometimes needed to attain it. We welcome an equally expansive mode of engagement with the theme of faculty, but will only consider submissions that address it in some fashion.

Please send a 250 word abstract with a five-entry bibliography and brief bio to worldpicturejournal@gmail.com by June 24th.