[Update] SCLA: "Positions" October 15-17, 2015,

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SLCA: "Positions" October 15-17, 2015 (New Orleans)
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Society for Comparative Literature and the Arts (SCLA)
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Taken on its own, "positions" appears an innocuous and static term, suggesting a location, a posture, a place, a job or status. And yet, positioning is always implicit in the critical endeavor, evident not only in the placement of signifiers within a text, but within constellations of texts that we read comparatively. One could further argue that the various acts of positioning and the positions we hold manifest themselves in every facet of human interaction: political, rhetorical, theoretical, ideological, sexual, psychological, cultural and so on.

At the 2015 annual conference of the SCLA, we want to examine broadly the idea of positioning as both a function and as a result of various histories, methodologies, and modes of identity formation. In addition to written texts, we are especially interested in how positioning in the non-literary arts (film, popular culture, visual arts, music) functions within these same cultural and ideological contexts.

Individual paper or panel topics include, but are not limited, to the following:

Positioning Politics
Positions of the Self
Gender Positioning
Sexual Positions
Positioning Ideology
Theoretical Positions
Pedagogical Positions
Positioning the Humanities

Although we are encouraging papers that directly engage the conference theme, we welcome papers and panels on any topic that investigate literature and the arts.

Please submit your paper proposal (250 words) or panel proposal (500 words) via email: scla2015@mcneese.edu. Please include in the body of the email your name, academic affiliation, status (faculty, grad student, etc.), and mailing address. For panel proposals, include the names, addresses, and affiliations for all participants. Deadline for proposals: June 10, 2015.

*SCLA awards several $400 travel stipends for graduate students, based on quality of proposal*