Reminder: Edited Collection / Rethinking Globalization and Spatial Scale [Abstracts May 29th]

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North Carolina State University

We are seeking essays for an edited collection titled Rethinking Globalization and Spatial Scale. The goal of the volume is to bring together interdisciplinary research on globalization spanning the humanities and social sciences that foregrounds theoretical and methodological conceptualizations of scale—how people, capital, goods, material infrastructure, ideas, and power aggregate along or slide among different degrees or levels of attachment, from personal to local to national to transnational.

We are assembling essays that reconnect the seemingly different registers of scale to reconsider how scholars use scale to understand the operations of power and to retheorize the primary conceptual categories of historical and modern life (such as those central binaries of local and global, center and periphery, west and non-west). We expect the edited collection to extend beyond the recent spatial and transnational turn in the academy by focusing on scale as a material indicator of, and active agent in, the constitution of the world.

The interdisciplinary range of the collection will be broad; we currently have commitments from prominent scholars in literary studies, history, communications, and geography.

We ask that you send a brief CV and a 500-word abstract by May 29, 2015 to outlining your proposed essay submission.

We will be evaluating essay proposals and making decisions about the shape of the project in the early summer 2015. We estimate we would need completed essays by early fall. Several university and trade publishers have expressed early and very strong interest in the project.

James Mulholland, Rebecca Walsh, and Steve Wiley