[UPDATE] Spenserian Emergencies at RSA (3/31/16-4/2/2016)

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Renaissance Society of America / International Spenser Society

Sponsored by the International Spenser Society for RSA 2016 in Boston

Spenser's poetry offers some well-known puzzles that we sometimes seek to explain by appealing to questions of authorship or printing (e.g. Who is E.K.? Why does The Farie Queene include half lines?). But what is lost in treating such puzzles as if they are the product of historical distance rather than poetic experiment? What happens if we approach inconsistencies and difficulties within Spenser's plots as poetic emergencies? This panel invites abstracts for papers that take up elements of Spenser's poetry concerned with such moments of emergency: for example, when a narrative has backed itself into a corner or forgotten its own rules. What might such seemingly desperate narrative acts tell us about Spenser's approach to constructing and countering emergencies? What tools do our own critical methodologies offer for approaching such cruxes? What implications do we tend to privilege in reconciling them? Possible topics include, but are not limited to: Spenser's theorization of the relation between narrative and allegory; the relationship between genre and plot; histories and ethics of reading and re-reading; discussions of the emergent; Spenserian emergency in relation to the literature of his contemporaries.

Please submit the following materials to J.K. Barret (jkbarret@austin.utexas.edu) by May 31 to be considered for inclusion: paper title; abstract (150-word maximum); 3-5 keywords; and a one-page abbreviated curriculum vitae (300-word maximum). Please note that RSA is very strict about word count: the system will not accept entries that go beyond the maximum limit.