[UPDATE] "Users of Scholarly Editions: Editorial Anticipations of Reading, Studying and Consulting" 19-21 November 2015

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Gabriel Egan / De Montfort University
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The Call for Papers for the 12th Annual Meeting of
the European Society for Textual Scholarship has
been extended to 30 June 2015. Details follow.

Users of Scholarly Editions: Editorial Anticipations of
Reading, Studying and Consulting"

The 12th Annual Conference of the European Society for
Textual Scholarship (ESTS) will be held at the Centre
for Textual Studies, De Montfort University, Leicester
England 19-21 November 2015

The ESTS returns to Leicester where it was founded in 2001
to stage a major collective investigation into the state
and future of scholarly editing. Our focus is the needs
of users of scholarly editions and proposals for 20 minute
papers are invited on topics such as:

* Are users' needs changing?
* How does edition design shape use?
* Stability in print and digital
* Where are we in the study of mise en page?
* Facsimiles and scholarly editions
* Collaborative and social editing
* Editorial specialization in the digital age
* APIs and mashups versus anticipation
* The logic of annotation
* Is zero the best price point for editions?
* Readers versus users
* Can we assume a general reader'?
* Indexing and annotation versus search
* Editors, publishers and Open Access
* Is technology changing editing?
* Digital editions or digital archives?
* Are editions ever obsolete?
* Scholarly editions versus popular editions
* Any other topic related to the use or users of
scholarly editions

Plenary Speaker (subject to confirmation) include:

Hans Walter Gabler (Munich University)
David Greetham (City University of New York)
Tim William Machan (Notre Dame University)
Gary Taylor (Florida State University)
Elaine Treharne (Stanford University)
Andrew Prescott (Glasgow University)
Christina Lee (Nottingham University)
Terri Bourus (Indiana University)
Peter Robinson (University of Saskatchewan)

Hands-on workshops will be given on setting movable type,
letterpress printing, and getting started with XML.

Proposals for papers should be emailed to Prof Gabriel

See http://cts.dmu.ac.uk/ESTS for information and registration