Call for Book Reviews and Reviewers for College Language Association Journal

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College Language Association Journal

Call for Book Reviews and Book Reviewers

The CLAJ is currently considering unsolicited book reviews for publication and sending books out to qualified members for solicited reviews. If you wish to submit a book review or receive a review assignment, please follow these guidelines:

To send a query:
If you would like to submit an unsolicited book review, suggest a book for review, or request to become a reviewer, please send an email to the CLAJ Book Review Editor, Kameelah Martin, at If, after a week, you have not received an acknowledgment of your query or submission, please query again or write to the senior editor of the CLAJ at Please write "Book Review Query" or "Book Review Submission" in the subject line of the email as applicable.

To write a book review:
The book review should include a brief summary of the book's central argument and an assessment of its contribution to the existing literature in its field. CLAJ expects our reviewers to provide a frank evaluation of the book's strengths and weaknesses; CLAJ also expects reviewers to maintain a collegial and constructive tone. Book reviews should adhere to MLA style guidelines and should be 500-2000 words in length. Send completed book reviews as a .doc file in Times New Roman, 12-point font.

Please include a brief bio at the end of your review. The bio should list your name, your highest degree completed or in progress, and your academic affiliation.

We at CLAJ look forward to working with you to keep our scholarly community apprised of new, cutting-edge publications in language, literature, and cultural studies.

~Kameelah L. Martin Book Review Editor, CLAJ