[UPDATE] Special Issue: Work(ing) Personas

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Persona Studies Journal

Persona Studies is seeking papers and creative projects that investigate the ways in which personas are produced, managed, used, and disseminated in the contexts of our working lives and careers. What work do these personas do? How does our work shape and dictate them? What are the constraints and effects of these personas?

Abstracts and Expressions of Interest (250-300 words) should be submitted by 19 June 2015 to personastudies@deakin.edu.au with the subject heading "2015 Issue 2 Abstract." Full papers may also be submitted at this time.

Notification of acceptance will follow by 25 June 2015. Please note that final acceptance of the full paper and project is contingent upon the peer review process.

Full papers (5,000-8,000 words) and projects will be due 1 August 2015.

Persona Studies is a new open-access journal launched by the Persona, Celebrity, Publics Research Group at Deakin University (Melbourne).

This is a multi-media interdisciplinary journal designed to investigate the activities of producing, representing, and monitoring public selfhood across time and cultures. It incorporates both critical articles and creative practices.

Access the most recent issue here: https://ojs.deakin.edu.au/index.php/ps/issue/view/82