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Horizons Above and Beyond

Horizon: Above and Beyond- Perspectives in Literature
Contact detail: Tharun Kurian Alex (Translation Studies, SSUS Kalady)
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An area of vast depth like literature is being tried to be bound by the laws and theories of modern, post-modern and post-colonial age. It is similar to trying securing the Sea within a tumbler. The idea of various perspectives in literature ran through my mind while listening to an international seminar on translation and gender with reference to perspectives and theories of Sherry Simon and Gayatri Spivak. The question that aroused in my mind was, "can a genre like translation be confined to gender"? It was at the same time that I thought of the confinement literature has, in terms of various terminologies that the academic world has assigned to it as Romantic literature, Victorian literature, War literature, postcolonial literature and so on.
'Horizon Above and Beyond- Perspectives In Literature' is an anthology of articles and research papers on literature, devoid of the particularization that we have in the subject. The objective behind this is to bring out the various opinions and findings of research students throughout India regarding any topic related to literature, whether it is regional literature like Malayalam, Tamil, or any other Indian language literature or any foreign literature. You may present the paper based on any relevant modern theory or methods of comparison. You may also incorporate linguistics, comparative literature, cultural studies, translation studies, gender studies, human rights issues, subaltern identity, marginalization, neo-colonialism, decolonization, Dalit literature, aboriginal literature.
The paper should contain six thousand words or nine pages, in Times New Roman 12 Font size and double spaced format with authentic documentation made in latest MLA format. Foot notes or other explanations should be given where needed. The medium of language used in the paper should be English.
The research papers will be scrutinised by a team of research scholars and the selected contributors will be intimated further details regarding publishing.
The date of Submission of abstract: June 22, 2015.
Abstract should not be more than 150 words with a working title and details of the researcher. Replies regarding he acceptance of abstract will be mailed through e-mail in three days time.
Date of submission of Full Paper: July 25, 2015.
The selected research papers and articles will be published with Patridge Publishers with ISBN number and international distribution of the work.
Guest Editors:
Athira G ( Pondicherry Central University,Pondicherry)
Ashwathy Purushothaman (Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi)