Call for Papers for Collected Essays: Women Activists Online

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Linda Levitt

The early promise of the Internet as an opportunity to enhance community, bringing people together to work together toward positive ends, long seemed a pipe dream. More recently, social media has become an undeniably powerful site of cultural influence and change. Women's issues in particular benefit from an expanded dialogue online.

Online, local, personal issues become national or global as spaces open for community, and through community, activism flourishes. Some movements that begin on the ground, "away from keyboard," gain momentum in various online spaces. Other movements have their genesis in digital spaces, thanks to the anonymity or the reach made possible through digital communication. We are interested in looking at how digital spaces enable and expand communities that might otherwise not come into being.

This collection will bring together research and scholarship on how digital spaces create, promote, and expand women's issues, often transforming outcomes through online activism. A transdisciplinary approach welcomes research from any disciplines that intersect women's and gender studies.

Possible topics might include but are not limited to:
Everyday feminism
Everyday sexism
Online misogyny
body image, fat shaming, eating disorders
women's reproductive rights
LGBTQ activism
intimate partner violence
wage equity
sexual harassment and discrimination
sexual assault on university campuses
Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

Abstracts of 250 words should be submitted to Linda Levitt at by July 15, 2015. Deadline for essay drafts by January 1, 2016. Abstracts and essays should be intellectually engaging but accessible to a broad informed audience.