(In)visible Lines: Feminist & Gender Studies. Uni of Limerick, 20-21st November 2015

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Sibéal Network
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The feminist movement has been categorised as a series of different waves, first, second and third, with some contemporary critics suggesting we are now on the precipice of a fourth wave. Each of these stages had their own aims and means of achieving those aims: underlying all was a quest for equality, for some or for all. Increasingly this neat categorization of the feminist movement has been questioned and challenged, especially with the internet age offering a greater platform of communication for female-identified individuals and feminists alike.

Visible and invisible barriers remain, whilst new forms of inequality and oppression emerge or are simply acknowledged. Different identities intersect and cannot be easily separated, further complicating feminist struggles. Despite these challenges, now is an exciting time for feminist and gender studies. New mediums present new opportunities, old battles take new forms. Masculinities and femininities are no longer defined as the rigid categories they once were, gender identities are challenged and the waves of feminism have begun to blur.

This conference is interested in exploring the blurring of lines, their visibility or invisibility within feminist criticism and gender studies. It hopes to inspire postgraduate and early career researchers from all disciplines engaging with gender and feminism. The theme is intentionally broad, so as to give presenters the opportunity to showcase their creative and innovative approaches.

We hope to facilitate practical and theoretical based projects, and encourage researchers to submit panels, proposals for workshops, round tables, feminist performances or exhibitions.

Themes might include but need not be limited to the following:

Gender identities in transformation
Gender embodiment
Gender performativity
Post-colonial identities
Space, Place and Gender
Gender and language
Institutions in flux
Gender and Religion
Gender and Work
Medical identities, medicalized bodies
Gender & Migration
Gender & Sexuality
Sociology, History, History of Art, Popular Culture, Music, Law, Politics, Anthropology, etc.

Abstracts or proposals of no more than 750 words should be completed on the template available at www.sibeal.ie by 25th September, 2015.

We are also in a position to offer a selection of travel bursaries. Please send a completed Travel Bursary form if you would like to be considered for a bursary (form on www.sibeal.ie)

The conference email address is invisiblelines2015@gmail.com. Please send all forms, applications and inquiries about the conference to this address. More information about the conference, inclucing Keynote Speakers will be released in the coming weeks on facebook.com/sibealnetwork and twitter.com/sibealnetwork