The Time is Ripe for a Christian Renaissance

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Patrick Henry College
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Patrick Henry College (Purcellville, VA) is hosting a conference (April 8-9, 2016) entitled, "The Time is Ripe for a Christian Renaissance." Leland Ryken, Cameron Anderson, and Patrick Kavanaugh will be keynote speakers.

After a century of death and despair, the time is ripe for a Christian Renaissance. The death of God has resulted in the death of the good, the true, and the beautiful. But these deeply interest us as Christians. Os Guinness's most recent book, Renaissance: The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times, talks about the "Augustinian" moment in which we find ourselves. The Roman world was crumbling around him, yet Saint Augustine found strength in God to sound a trumpet blast that echoed for centuries. How might we do this today?

We invite artists, writers, literary scholars, poets, musicians, film makers, and those in theatre and dance to both show and tell us what you are up to, that we might learn from and encourage one another. We are called to be in, yet not of the world, bearing witness to Christ in our generation. How are you working this out? What unique challenges and opportunities has this Augustinian moment presented to you? How are you responding to the breakdown we see all around us with art, music, and literature that is fresh and arresting, new wine in new wineskins?

Let a thousand flowers bloom!

We hope this conference will be an opportunity not only to learn from each other, to "cross-pollinate," but also to give you an opportunity to make your own work better known. There will be tables to sell books and CDs, and attractive spaces to exhibit art. Please let us know what you need to best show us what you do.

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