Darkness, Depression and Descent in Anglo-Saxon England

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Ruth Wehlau
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Proposals are sought for "Darkness, Depression and Descent in Anglo-Saxon England," a collection of articles that will cover the depiction of emotional or physical states associated with darkness or descent as found in vernacular literature of the Anglo-Saxon period.
With its emphasis on the elegiac, Old English poetry is particularly concerned with concepts of grief and loss, and has, in the past, attracted criticism that deals with these concepts. This collection seeks to expand traditional areas of interest by surveying a broad range of genres of Old English literature (poetry and prose) for representations of descent, physical or metaphorical; and for imagery of darkness or blackness as a means of representing the self and the environment.
Suggested approaches include studies of imagery, word studies, trauma studies, metaphor studies, and environmental studies. Suggested subjects include representations of dread, horror, mental darkness or depression, darkness in Hell and descent into Hell, the darkness of winter and of night, primordial darkness, and darkness or blackness as a descriptor of appearance of people, animals, objects or places.

This book has been solicited for submission by Amsterdam University Press.

Proposals of 300-500 words should be submitted by e-mail to Dr. Ruth Wehlau at the following address: wehlaur@queensu.ca
The deadline for proposals is Oct. 1, 2015. Those submitting proposals will be notified of acceptance or rejection by Oct. 15. If selected for the collection, completed articles are due May 1, 2016.