Futures of Intellectual History - A Graduate Student Conference

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The Remarque Institute

Futures of Intellectual History
A Graduate Student Conference
New York University
October 23-24th, 2015
Call for Papers
The Remarque Institute invites graduate students to submit proposals for the Futures of Intellectual
History graduate student conference to take place at New York University on October 23-24th, 2015.
A recent wave of scholarship has reinvigorated Intellectual History and expanded the field beyond its
traditional geographical, methodological and conceptual boundaries. Though taking place at all levels of
the academy, much of this recent scholarship is the work of graduate students. Despite the vitality and
breadth of their research there are few forums for advanced students working in Intellectual History to
engage with each other's work. This conference will provide such a forum.
The "Futures of Intellectual History" conference will bring together graduate students who use the
diverse tools of intellectual history to answer questions that include, but also go beyond those
traditionally asked by the field. Invited to participate are scholars working in fields including but not
limited to the history of science and technology, the history of social thought and the social sciences,
the history of concepts, legal history, and global history. Not constrained by a single theme, the
conference will provide a space for diverse methodologies and questions to come into productive
tensions with each other in ways often not possible in other settings. Through making it possible for
graduate researchers with different interests and convictions to substantively engage with each other's
work, the conference aims to promote productive conversations both about the subjects of the papers
presented, as well as about their diverse methodologies and theoretical approaches.
The conference will take place at the Remarque Institute at New York University the 23rd and 24th of
October 2015. Both of these days will consist of three panels each comprised of two graduate student
presentations of approximately thirty minutes. Panels will be followed by a comment made by a
professor and then a discussion. The conference will close with a dinner Saturday evening.
Graduate students who are interested in participating in the conference should send a one-page
proposal and a CV to futuresofintellectualhistory@gmail.com by July 13, 2015. Acceptance notices will
be issued by July 18, 2015. If accepted, presentations should be sent to the conference committee by
October 4, 2015 for pre-circulation. Unfortunately, funds are not available to support travel to and
from the conference.
For all further inquiries, please contact futuresofintellectualhistory@gmail.com.
Conference Organizers:
The Remarque Institute
Alexander Arnold, New York University
Justin Reynolds, Columbia University
Asheesh Siddique, Columbia University