"This City Runs Us: Narratives of Urban Constriction in American Literatures of Resistance" (ALA Sep 10-12, New Orleans)

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American Literature Assosiation Symposium "The City and American Literature" DEADLINE JUNE 30
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We are looking for a third member for our panel. If you have a paper that speaks to our project (even vaguely) or might be made to speak to it (we are very accomodating) send me an email.

This panel considers how contemporary literary genres attempt to think through the traditionally raced and class divided formulations (and representations) of the neoliberal city-scape. Centered around creative works ranging from immigrant narratives to hip-hop poetics, this panel reimagines the spatial expanse of minority resistance. Of particular importance is the ideology and effect of 'urban renewal' and the discourse of raced deviance that legitimates it. A project that attempts to find possibility in the mobility of ideas and bodies in restricted spaces must destabilize the city as the ultimate signifier of devalorized minority existence. While respecting the particularities of lived experience, such a project theorizes an aesthetics of resistance that moves-beyond while moving-within the narratives and struggles of urban constriction.