Engaging the Contemporary: Philosophy, Literature and Education Agamben and Rancière

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Department of Philosophy -- University of Malta

Following up on last year's Anniversary Seminar on Foucault and Derrida: Theory and Practice, the Departments of Philosophy, English and Education Studies would like to announce the second Engaging the Contemporary: Philosophy, Literature and Education seminar. The aim of this series is to organize an annual day seminar to encourage participation from graduate students, graduates and academics coming from different departments and backgrounds.

This focus of this year's seminar will be Giorgio Agamben and Jacques Rancière, two figures whose works traverse and are used across several fields in the humanities, necessitating a multi-disciplinary engagement such as this event. This seminar presents an opportunity to challenge and be challenged by the work of Agamben and Rancière and to support postgraduate work on their ideas, both at a theoretical level and in their application across various disciplines.

To this end, a call for papers is being issued for those who are interested in presenting a 20-minute paper (3,000 words max.) on any aspect of the work of Agamben and Rancière. Papers could either have a theoretical focus on Agamben and/or Rancière or discuss how Agamben's and/or Rancière's thought is being applied in various contexts.

Those interested in participating are asked to submit an abstract of a paper (c. 300 words) by email to the seminar organizing team (engagingthecontemporary2015@um.edu.mt) by Friday 18 September. Notification on acceptance of papers will be sent the following week. The deadline for submission of papers is Friday 13 November.