Art as Information: Plans, Maps, Diagrams and Algorithms (conference session)

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UAAC/AAUC Universities Art Association of Canada, NSCAD University Halifax, NS
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Call for papers for group session: Art as Information: Plans, Maps, Diagrams and Algorithms for the 2015 UAAC conference at NSCAD University, Halifax, on November 5–7.

When one think of maps, charts or plans one does necessarily think of art. Yet many artists have chosen to incorporate these visual forms of information into their artistic practice. This panel focuses on the analysis of contemporary artists who use maps, architectural plans, schemas, diagrams, algorithms, data and visualization of information in their artistic work.
Following the writings of theorists such as Gilles Deleuze (mapping), James Elkins (images that are not art), Leo Steinberg (picture plane as repository of information) Carolyn L. Kane (algorithmic aesthetics) or Laura U. Marks (virtual information in digital art), this panel will discuss how information is treated aesthetically. The proposal can focus on artists such as Francine Savard and her cartographic paintings, John F. Simon Jr and his virtual data-laced environments, Janice Kerbel's imaginary architectural plans, Audiotopie's affective mapping of urban spaces or the video game data aesthetics of Emmanuel Lagrange Paquet.
The purpose of this panel is to explore diagrammatic thinking in contemporary visual arts: how does art process data, what is the relationship between art and information, and how can we define the aesthetics of schematic representation.
Conference regulations:
Proposals for papers should be sent directly to Jakub Zdebik, session chair: by July 15th, 2015
Submissions must include: the name and email address of the applicant; the applicant's institutional affiliation and rank; the paper title; an abstract (300 words maximum); and a brief bio (150 words maximum).
Proposals may be submitted by current members or non-members of UAAC. Non-members MUST become members of UAAC and pay registration fees in order to present a paper at the conference. Membership dues and registration fees must be received by October 1, 2015.
The conference is open to post-secondary faculty in all fields of the visual arts (art history, visual culture, material culture, museum studies, art conservation, cultural studies, comparative literature, aesthetics, philosophy, etc.), visual artists, practitioner/researchers, as well as independent scholars in such fields.
Student members of UAAC who are pursuing a terminal degree (examples: a PhD in art history or related disciplines, an MFA, a Masters of Design) may submit proposals. MA students are not permitted to give papers at the conference.