The Pedagogical (Re)Turn (9/30/15)

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NeMLA 2016

Twenty years ago, Gerald Graff mused in "The Pedagogical Turn" that the future of theory would be in its reapplication from literature to pedagogy. In the intervening years, theory may not have reorganized the literature classroom, but it has transformed critical thinking pedagogy. The work of Wittgenstein, Jakobson, Derrida, Lyotard, Foucault, and others who have informed literary studies has recently been drawn upon by Mark Weinstein, Michael Peters, Tim John Moore and others to shift instruction in critical thinking away from general (informal) logic, which assumes a transparency of language, to thinking as embedded in language and thereby governed by varying modes of reading and writing. This shift suggests a return to Graff's original musing of how theory might be converted into a praxis for reading, writing about, and thinking about literature. The co-chairs of this roundtable, who also serve on the editorial board of Double Helix: A Journal of Critical Thinking and Writing, invite submissions that explore the possibility of a pedagogical return of theory to the literature classroom. The goal of the roundtable will be to use the presentations as a framework for discussing with the audience how theory might be developed into pedagogical projects that are both deployable and publishable.

To propose a paper for this roundtable, please submit a 300-word abstract directly to the conference website:

Deadline for the submission of proposals: September 30, 2015.