"THEORIZING FEMINIST MEDIA AND COMEDY" (SCMS Atlanta Panel, March 30 - April 3, 2016)

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Maggie Hennefeld / University of Minnesota
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Theorizing Feminist Media and Comedy

From suffragette caricaturists lampooning the British Parliament, to Amy Schumer's scathing parody of 12 Angry Men (on what The Atlantic has declared to be "the most feminist show on television"), women have long used media comedy as a platform for raising serious questions about feminist politics. Papers on this panel will explore the dialectic between comedic representation and feminist political activism-- as well as what feminist theory might have to offer to the analysis of comedy, and vice versa. What does it mean to theorize humor as a gendered form? What is the status of comedy in feminist theory?

The papers on this panel could span a broad range of themes, theoretical methodologies, historical and geopolitical contexts, media technologies, and feminist identifications. Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

--Feminist Comedy Studies-- key texts and critical debates
--Rise of female comedians on TV
--Comedy as a form of social activism in feminist movements
--Transnational feminisms / Translation of comedic language
--Forgotten Comediennes and overlooked theories of laughter
--Media Satire / Parody as modes of Feminist Historiography
--Capacity of comedic techniques (e.g. incongruity / slippage / surprise / reversal / upturning) to negotiate feminism's shape-shifting politics and identifications (who is represented or excluded?)
--Dark humor and the comedic representability of sexual trauma and other forms of gendered violence
--Comedic Truth-Telling and Social Justice / Gender, Laughter, and Power

**Please send a 250-300 word abstract + biblio (3-5 sources) + short bio to Dr. Maggie Hennefeld (henne462@umn.edu) by July 31.