Existential Poetics: American Free-Ranging Outlaw Poets (Anthology) 09/1/2015

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A collection of essays and scholarly articles analyzing the work of late 20th century existential and outlaw poets living or dead will be published in 2017. The list of names includes those largely ignored by academics because of the obscure nature of their less categorizable creative work. We seek articles, literary criticism, reviews, private collection catalogs, student essays, and some anecdotes or narratives describing encounters with the poet/artist or writing/art that are not strictly pejorative. Photos and video are welcome. The anthology will collect secondary works about the listed artists. Analysis of what the term we coined for this book, existential poetics, means with implications for poetry as life, conceptualized writing or non-writing, pedestrian texts, guerilla theatre, and public acts should be related to the listed poets/artists. Works by those listed could be difficult to locate, may be out of circulation, and could be part of private rather than public collections. Some performance literature is more readily available in media other than print or on social media like YouTube or from commercial audio distributors like iTunes. Surveys and bibliographies of works produced, extant works, journalism, and reviews as well as scholarly articles are also sought to help initiate a dialogue within the academic community. Surveys, collection catalogs, and bibliographies should strive for comprehensive coverage for a single artist or poet. Catalogs of private collections that have not been made public are also sought to make locations of heretofore hidden works accessible to scholars. Cataloging of private collections will give owners an opportunity to share what they have with others holding the same interests. Essays and class papers by students will be considered if they meet the standards of the anthology. Send a short abstract in MLA style or a summary for your proposed content for the anthology and companion website to HGDGarts@gmail.com by the September 1, 2015. Use "Anthology" in the subject line of your email. First drafts of final content will be due by January 13, 2016, for help and feedback from editors for possible revision. Those who want to be part of the editorial board for this collection should send a CV and the names of individual/s from the list you want to focus on in your order of preference by September 1, 2015, to HGDGarts@gmail.com and use "Anthology, Editors" in the subject line. Send files as attachments in .pdf, .jpg, or .doc formats.


Konstantin Kuzminsky
Roxy Gordon
Joy Cole
Hedwig Gorski
John Trudell
Ricardo Sanchez
Jackie Sheeler
Cassandra Tribe

Suggested Topics

Conceptual and existential poetics
Writing for performance poetry
Writing for guerilla theatre
Implications for the term "existential poetics"
How to teach existential or outlaw poets in university literature courses
Boundaries of good and bad taste in the poetics of existential and outlaw poets
Philosophical foundations in the actions, works, and life choices made by existential and outlaw poets
Who constitutes the audience for works by existential and outlaw poets?
What can literary writers learn from studying the works of obscure existential and outlaw poets?
The effects of regional lifestyles and cultural affiliations on outlaw poets
The effect of an underdog mentality on outlaw poets
Insufficiency and anti-social attitudes causing adaptive or self-sabotaging decisions by outlaw poets
Improvisation that is documented or undocumented for posterity as intention or conceptual process
International, inter-media, historical, social, or popular culture influences for outsider and existential poets. (An example could be the experimental lifestyle memoir Walden by Thoreau.)
What should a serious investigation of outlaw poetry and existential poets bring to academia?