Lydgate as Formal Innovator - Kalamazoo 2016 sponsored session

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Lydgate Society
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While historicist approaches to Lydgate have played a large role in the poet's now decades-old critical recuperation, all along this recuperation has also been alert to the formal dimensions of his work and to some of the many ways these dimensions represent innovations. Studies by, for example, Maura Nolan and Claire Sponsler have fruitfully combined historical inquiry with explorations of the ramifications of form. With many in the field of literary study seeking, in a variety of ways, to return considerations of form to the center court of the field's endeavors, it is an apt moment to extend, complicate, and/or critique accounts of Lydgate as a formal innovator. This session seeks papers that consider Lydgate's poetic practice or theory in this regard—whether in particular works, genres, or across his oeuvre—or that reflect on the idea of Lydgate as a formal innovator within the critical tradition on the poet, within late medieval literary study more generally, or in relation to larger critical trends.

Individuals interested in giving a paper for this session should submit a one page abstract and completed Participant Information Form (PIF) to Alaina Bupp (University of Colorado Boulder) and Tim Jordan (Ohio University Zanesville) at Paper proposals should arrive by September 1, 2015. Copies of the PIF can be downloaded from the congress's webpage: