Looking for Public Humanities Pieces on "America"

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'Merica Magazine: for the unlikely patriot......
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It is our contention that a magazine like this has needed to exist for a while. There needs to be a home for the complicated patriot, the unlikely patriot.The sociologist Robert Bellah believed that the United States had a civil religion that was to be contrasted with that of other nations. If that's true โ€“ and we think it is โ€“ then this is a magazine for the agnostics. What can one say? America seems like a pretty good idea โ€“ we should try it some time.

To get what we're up to check out our website at mericamagazine.org (that's "Merica," not "America," lest you accidentally go to the other - though excellent - magazine of that name). Check out especially the "About" section and the "Submission" section for a fuller idea of our concept.

This whole thing was conceived by two PhD candidates who had had a few pitchers of moderately priced domestic beer, so it's possible that our Puritan work ethic may be weaker than our Yankee ambition. Bear with us!We would love to hear from every one who wants to contribute. So questions, queries, comments, pitches, submissions, ideas, prophecies, predictions and complaints can all be sent to mericamagazine@gmail.com.