NeMLA Roundtable: "Beyond the Monster Inside: The Ethics of Fragmentation in the Long Nineteenth-Century": Due 9/30/15

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NeMLA 2016: March 17-20, 2016

Doubles and doppelgangers abound in the Victorian Gothic novel and Miltonian readings have emphasized the inner monster as a nod to the period's desire to, in Tennyson's terms, "Move upward, working out the Beast, / And let the ape and tiger die" (In Memoriam). How does the trope of doubleness figure in other nineteenth-century contexts beyond the Gothic and its subterraneous influence?

This roundtable invites interdisciplinary approaches to reading fragmented identity in poetry, plays, art, and fiction of the long nineteenth-century. We wish to explore how doubleness intersects with contemporaneous scientific, philosophical, and social concerns, and how these lens highlight the texts' ethical stakes. Presenters may explore the intersection of fragmented identity with: positivism, biological determinism, evolution, double brain, sympathy, hysteria, the occult, new materialism, twins, poetic divinity, etc. Please submit abstracts by September 30 through the NeMLA portal at: