On Manoel de Oliveira (Panel)

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NeMLA 2016
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This panel seeks to explore the impact in global art cinema of the work of the Portuguese film director, Manoel de Oliveira (1908-2015).
Manoel de Oliveira, one of most important directors in the history of film, died in April of 2015 at the age of 106. He directed more than 60 films and garnered international accolades, yet his work is seldom appreciated outside art cinema circuits. This panel addresses issues of Oliveira's work in comparative, multidisciplinary contexts.
Multidisciplinary approaches and topics that frame Oliveira's work in national and/or international theories and practices are welcome, namely: Oliveira's documentary and fiction, cinematic and inter-arts dialogues, author and star cinema, theater and film; cosmopolitanism and postcolonial perspectives.
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For questions contact: Silvia Oliveira (soliveira@ric.edu)