Realigning French Stardom 1945-2015 (Panel - Abstract by Aug 10)

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SCMS Atlanta, Mar-Apr 2016

French stardom and those who obtain it have undergone many important moments of realignment since the end of World War II. Though less dominant than the Hollywood star machine, many French stars have reached and maintained a global audience, and during the postwar period French scholars such as Edgar Morin and Roland Barthes helped lay the intellectual foundation for star studies. Most recently, Ginette Vincendeau has positioned Juliette Binoche as a key star not only for France, but for all of Europe, suggesting that French stardom more broadly is primed to encompass new frameworks across national traditions, regional affiliations, and even media platforms (2015).

How can stardom shape, reflect, or even resist social contexts and historical events at a national or global level? By presenting one notably prolific and dynamic film culture as a case study, this panel seeks to examine the developments that have affected the presentation, perception, and perpetuation of stardom and celebrity over the past 70 years of entertainment media.

Possible topics may include:
• French stardom in regional or global media contexts
• Foreign-born stars in French media
• French stars working outside France
• Moments of upheaval for French stars and for stardom in France
• Key transitional moments for major French stars' careers
• Stardom and French film festival culture
• Theoretical approaches to stars and stardom
• Star and celebrity discourse in France
• French stardom across platforms: music, film, theater, television, radio, etc.

Please send an abstract (max 300 words) in French or English along with a brief bio to Colleen Kennedy-Karpat (Bilkent University), cbkennedykarpat [at] no later than August 10, 2015.