Death and The Civil War (Abstract deadline 9/30/15)

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NEMLA March 17-20, 2016
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In America's bloodiest conflict, the Civil War, more deaths occurred than in all the nation's wars combined. Almost two and a half percent of the American population perished in a war that most thought would last 90 days, not four agonizing years. Thousands were buried in mass, unmarked graves. Even after Appomattox, bones remained unburied in fields for months and even years. Efforts to cope with a loss of this magnitude emerge in various forms during and after the Civil War. This panel will focus on the literature (diaries, letters, newspaper articles, poetry, short stories, novels, and essays) and practices such as spiritualism, relief agencies, and national cemeteries that served as a salve or a coping mechanism for those left with unimaginable loss, demonstrating America's efforts to survive and, ultimately, to heal.

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