ASECS 2016: Transnational Exchanges: Gender and Embodiment; Deadline 9/15

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American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies (ASECS) March 31-April 3, 2016

This panel seeks to explore how and why did gender, especially within the context of sexual violence, courtship and marriage, citizenship and travel, function as transnational exchange and a prism for engaging reflection on national identity and difference in travel accounts, histories and fiction? Did such reflections assume some continuity across cultures about what was meant by "woman," "man,"? How might have "love" and "family," serve as modes of exchange across cultures? Were alternative accounts of these terms, particularly in narratives describing conflicts in cultural expectations, offer opportunities for reimagining gender roles? When we pay attention to material gendered bodies involved in transnational exchanges—bodies that crossed border, active bodies, inscribed bodies—how does such analysis change the way we think of such exchanges? How did gender serve as a fundamental category for engaging writers and readers in transnational dialogues about imagining the world and their place in it? We invite papers from different national and transnational perspectives that explore how gender was enlisted in making universal and particularist claims about humanity in the long eighteenth century.

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Deadline 15th September 2015.