Political, Social, and Economic Development in Occupied Countries (16,17 November, 2015)

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The International Academic Conference on Political, Social and Economic Development in Occupied Countries / Students Forum Institute

While any proud people will resist the idea that they are victimized, there are undeniable consequences of the occupation of any peoples' land by an outside force. These consequences can be as severe as an explosive outbreak of violence and physical genocide, or as subtle as the slow erosion of the occupied peoples' quality of life and the eventual collapse of the occupied peoples' culture. The conference invites experts and researchers from around the world to present their academic papers relating to the fields of political, economic and social development in occupied countries.

This conference will provide an opportunity for researchers and academics to present new ideas on ways to achieve sustainable development in light of an occupation's obstacles and restrictions. Additionally, this conference looks to serve as a starting point for continued academic engagement between Palestine and other countries. Through this conference and continued academic and economic cooperation, we hope to move forward in a productive way despite our continued struggles with occupation.

NOTE: While the conference will be held in Palestine and will feature many local and international speakers discussing the occupation of the State of Palestine, we are also interested in papers that discuss solutions to political, economic and social struggles in any (currently or historically) occupied countries.

Topics of interest for submission include, but not limited to:

-Economics and Business Administration
-Governmental Policy
-Community Service
-And any other topics related to sustainable development in Occupied -Countries


OR SEND ANY QUESTIONS TO psedo@studentsforum.org.ps