Perspectives from the Margins: Reexamining Movements, Figures, and Texts

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Sigma Tau Delta's Far Western Regional Conference

Sigma Tau Delta Far Western Regional Conference
November 13th-14th, 2015
Organized by the Sigma Tau Delta chapter at California State University, Fullerton
Will be held on the campus of California State University, Fullerton
Fullerton, CA
Abstracts due October 10, 2015

Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society at California State University, Fullerton invites submissions—from all disciplines and levels—to this year's Far Western Regional Conference, "Perspectives from the Margins: Reexamining Movements, Figures, and Texts," on November 13-14, 2015.

This conference seeks to explore what it means for texts to be on the margins and pushing against genre or societal boundaries, as well as the importance of paying attention to figures, texts, and movements that are often ignored or marginalized by the literary canon. Texts are anything that can be interpreted, whether it be words, images, or sounds. These can take the form of novels, poetry, plays, essays, graphic novels, movies, television, music, or journalism. We would like to provide a place for conversation about non-traditional readings and perspectives of texts, from old and new media, that shed light on counter-culture views and voices. We also strongly encourage submissions that incorporate new ways of thinking about traditional texts through lenses that open up discussions of race, gender, or politics.

Abstracts for the conference should include either interpretations of texts, characters, narrators, symbols, or movements (cultural or literary) that have functioned to push against the "norms" or margins of literary forms, social constructs, or language, or an argument concerning canonized ideas of gender, class, or structure. We are accepting both paper and panel presentation proposals.

Please send abstracts for your submission as a Word document or .pdf attachment to by October 10th and include your name, university affiliation, and academic standing (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral student, or independent scholar). Abstracts should be 250-500 words.

If you would like to submit a panel presentation proposal for 3-4 presenters, please include a description of your panel, the significance of your panel, and the individual abstracts for the panel. Please include each presenter's name, university affiliation, and academic standing (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral student, or independent scholar).

Possible topics for the conference may include:
-The Beat Poets: Figures of Counterculture and Rebellion
-Unsung and Unlikely Heroes: From the Literary Canon to Disney Movies
-Voices of the Revolution: Songs and Poems from the Marginalized
-"Give Us Your Tired, Hungry, and Poor": Class Relations in America
-Celebrating the Anti-Heroes of Action Movies
-Repressed Bodies: Texts of Sexuality
-Modern-Day Soliloquies: Rethinking Established Literary Conventions
-Teaching in the Digital Age: Uses of Non-Conventional Texts in the Classroom

Please check our Chapter's website for conference updates, campus maps, and more:

Feel free to contact Sigma Tau Delta chapter president, Julia Wasnok ( if you have any additional questions or concerns.