Postcolonial Lawrence: Politics, Perspective and Production

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Feroza Jussawalla
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Scholarly/theoretical essays, written so that they may also be read by the lay reader, solicited for a collection of essays on D.H. Lawrence's representation and treatment of peoples in the countries he travelled to : Ceylon/ Sri Lanka, Australia, USA, particularly New Mexico, and Mexico. How can we receive and read Lawrence's portrayals of indigenous peoples from our current context and interpretive perspectives? Relevant also is his treatment of the lower classes in the British contexts he writes about. What new theoretical approaches can we use to read, teach and explain Lawrence? In New Mexico, there is a great lay interest in D.H. Lawrence, almost as though he is a "native son." How can we reach the ordinary reading public with our theoretical/literary critical approaches through our essays? Are we or should we be apologists for Lawrence? What are the redeeming qualities of his conveying a "sense of place," his style, his characterizations, his efforts to speak for a peoples he doesn't seen to understand. This collection of essays aims to forge a connection between the scholarly world's interpretation of Lawrence and the reading public's appreciation of Lawrence as a great British writer who loved New Mexico. This is true of the other venues he visited. Please send abstracts and queries no later than November 15, 2015. Essays with a sound scholarly and theoretical bas, but written clearly and readably, approximately 20-25 pages in length due
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