Feminist Singularities

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ACLA 2016
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Feminist Singularities

Co-organizers: Jacquelyn Ardam, UCLA; Ronjaunee Chatterjee, CalArts

2015 marked the 30-year anniversary of the publication of Donna Haraway's "A Cyborg Manifesto," whose radical questioning of the divisions between human and machine, matter and meaning, and gendered and "postgendered" existence continues to animate our social reality. Recent discussions in the field of new materialism, which grapple with questions of embodiment and materiality, have opened up new avenues for theorizing femininity outside of conventional frameworks.

The purpose of this seminar is to bring together discussions of literature, film, and art from a variety of national traditions that engage with a strangely contemporary vision of gender in the age of technocratic reproduction. We invoke the term "singularities" to further contextualize an idea of feminism and femininity that is not particularity or individualism. Singularity's many definitions—black holes in physics, infinity in mathematics, super-intelligence in computer science, and irreducible uniqueness in philosophy—hold open a point of conceptual possibility shared by a number of different fields. Possible topics for papers include:

-feminist science and new materialisms
-the body and technology
-feminist/queer/trans approaches to technology studies
-women and (re)production
-gender, institutions, and technology
-the posthuman and the feminine
-women in/and science fiction
-feminist origins
-feminine superintelligence (i.e. Ex Machina)
-women as cyborgs, robots, clones
-the legacy of "The Cyborg Manifesto"
-cyborg politics
-gender, language and writing machines
-technology and the idea of écriture féminine
-gender and hybridity
-gender, technology, and globalization
-gender and new media
-women in/and the digital humanities
-feminism in the digital age

Apply via the ACLA website (http://www.acla.org/seminars) from Sep.1-Sep. 30; contact Jacquelyn Ardam (jardam@ucla.edu) with questions.