"Gender marketing: transdisciplinary and transnational perspectives" March 18, 2016, Toulouse, France

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University of Toulouse AFL Department
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In 1974, at a time when gender studies were investing several disciplines and departments of American colleges and universities, Sandra L. Bem, a researcher in social psychology, elaborated the Bem Sex Role Inventory (B.S.R.I). Made up of 20 items, the inventory invited participants to determine the degree to which they embraced and identified with the social and cultural gender roles as they had been framed in the 1970s American society. Out of her research, Sandra Bem developed the concept of psychological androgyny and posited that an individual's psychological balance was reached by the latter's capacity to find an intermediary position between the "masculine" and the "feminine". Leading to the production of a scale of identification to gender roles (high, neutral, low degree), Bem's concept of psychological androgyny was challenging the unbridgeable nature of gender roles.
The recent categorization of gender-oriented lifestyles gathered in figures such as the working moms, the stay-at-home dad, the metrosexual, the ubersexual, the lumbersexual, the hipster and more recently the spornosexual, indeed point at the consumers' lifestyles, but most importantly they reveal modern consumers' gender positioning or questioning, or how the consumers negotiate their identification to gender roles and to the related reference groups, moving along Bem's scale of identification to gender roles. Whether they support or challenge existing gender roles and stereotypes, these lifestyles and their figures stand as strategic opportunities for brands and marketers in terms of market and brand differentiation.

The objective of this symposium is to determine how the different conceptualizations of gender in France and in English-speaking countries influence not only the positioning of marketers on gender marketing, but also influence the scholarly publication on this topic in these countries.

Papers will be given in English or in French and will last 30 minutes. Please send your abstract (10 lines) and a short biographical notice before December 30, 2015 to helene.charlery@free.fr and laborde@univ-tlse2.fr. Notifications of acceptance will be sent before January, 2015.

Organizing committee:
Hélène Charlery and Christian Laborde