Call for culturally subversive writing

full name / name of organization: 
Lehigh Valley Vanguard

Want to write for us?

We have a rolling submissions policy.

Lehigh Valley Vanguard was started to give a "voice to the voiceless."

This means subverting the neoliberal paradigm to make way for new modes of relating.

This also means when you send something in, you WILL hear back.

Writing we admire as a model:

Anything published by Semiotexte, Roxane Gay, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Noam Chomsky.
French political thought in general. Revolutionaries, renegades, critical thinkers.

Submissions in PROSE

We accept editorial prose, traditional academic papers, book, film, and television reviews, memoir narratives, flash fiction, art reviews, and open letters.

Anything in the New Narrative school of writing is a-okay (in fact, encouraged). We love writing about activism, art, activist art, or, writing that is activist art.

An updated list of topics

Ontology and identity
Postcolonial studies
Critical pedagogy
Non-canonical literature
The end of history and global capitalism
Intersectional feminism
Queer literature
Biopolitics and neoliberalism
Critical race theory

Submissions can be 500-2,500 words.

We welcome non-academic and even anti-academic writing.

Please submit in Microsoft Word, Open Office, or Google Docs.

Generally, 12 pt. Times New Roman or similar, readable font should be used.

Submissions in POETRY

We accept poetry submissions which touch on the topics mentioned above, or otherwise demonstrate critical engagement with society and/or identity.

Poems of 15-100 lines are considered for publication, although there have been exceptions.

Poets have the unique opportunity to be placed in consideration for a residency with LVV after they have submitted a poem.

Additionally, we publish a print compilation series called Lehigh Valley Vanguard Collections which contains themed essays and poetry. You may end up in one of those.

We also maintain a regular live web cast where we talk about critical topics. You may have an opportunity to come on the show. You can find past live discussions archived on YouTube.

Submissions should be sent to

Expect a response in 1-3 days.