Disquiet: An Interdisciplinary Conference

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University of St. Thomas Graduate English and Art History Departments

Call for Papers
Disquiet: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference
University of St. Thomas, April 29, 2016

The University of St. Thomas Art History and English graduate programs will hold an interdisciplinary conference on Friday, April 29, 2016. While papers addressing any aspect of literature, visual arts, and culture will be considered, the graduate programs particularly welcome proposals for papers exploring the topic of disquiet across all time periods, media, and geographical regions. Numerous works of art and literature deal with different forms of disquiet. Unrest within, between, and surrounding individuals has a distinct way of inspiring artistic production. Many of these works, in turn, evoke the same sense in their viewers/readers, generating wakes of disturbance within literary and artistic audiences. This conference aims to explore how writers and artists have grappled with disquieting images, events, texts, etc., and have interrogated these themes in their works.
Topics may include but are not limited to:

-Memory, testimony, recollection, or disquieting histories.
-Reflections on political/social/economic unrest.
-Dissonant representations of the imagination within the supernatural, otherworld, dreams, spirituality, and the fantastical.
-Conflicts within or between individuals, communities, nations, etc.
-Dissenting individuals or ideologies located on the margins (due to gender, illness, sexual orientation, disability, age, nationality, etc.).
-Works that resist classification or genre.
-Works that facilitate or produce dissent between disparate cultures, people, etc.
-Uncomfortable/unfamiliar intersections and/or intertextualities (e.g., architecture, multimedia images, cross-disciplinary research).
-Expressions of restlessness, fear, or resistance.
-Disquieting interplays of theory and artistic production.
-The disruption of boundaries between the familiar and unfamiliar.
-Disquieting liminal or transitional spaces (e.g., between historical eras, works influenced by other artists, perspectives from the edges/margins).
-Disjunctions between film, art, and literature and the disquieting effects of new media on these genres.
-Art or literature that subverts, distorts, or upholds the norm in disquieting ways (e.g., avant-garde poetry, disturbing images, propaganda, censorship).

We encourage analyses of artistic, literary, architectural, cultural, cinematic, digital and/or other textualities. For consideration, please submit a 400-word abstract as a Word document attachment to ustdisquietconference@gmail.com by March 1, 2016. Final papers should take 15 minutes (maximum) to present.