Pauline Hopkins Panels at American Literature Association, May 26-29

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Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins Society
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American Literature Association
27th Annual Conference
May 26-29, 2016
San Francisco, CA

The Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins Society will sponsor two sessions at the 27th Annual Conference of the American Literature Association.

Panel One: "Inspired borrowings" or plagiarism? The significance of Pauline Hopkins's textual appropriations.

While we have long known that Hopkins borrowed passages from William Wells Brown and other contemporaries, we now know that her appropriations, at least in Of One Blood and Winona, are surprisingly extensive, constituting approximately 25% of each text. This panel welcomes papers that address any aspect of Pauline Hopkins's "inspired borrowings" (Lois Brown). Questions to consider might include: How can we distinguish between Hopkins's intertextuality and plagiarism? Do Hopkins's appropriations constitute plagiarism as defined in the nineteenth century? What are the specific effects of Hopkins's appropriations? Are there new discoveries of appropriations in Contending Forces, Hagar's Daughter, and her magazine articles?

Richard Yarborough is tentatively scheduled to serve as respondent to this panel. We ask that full drafts of papers be available by May 9.

Panel Two: Open panel on any topic related to Pauline Hopkins's life and work.

Especially welcome are papers on pedagogical approaches, Hopkins's relation to other writers, and Hopkins's work in light of other literary, historical, or cultural periods such as the Harlem Renaissance, the Black Aesthetic movement, or the Black Lives Matter movement.

Instructions for proposal submission:
 Abstracts for both panels should be about 300 words and be accompanied by a brief CV.
 Proposals for panel one should be sent to Brian Sweeney at by January 6, 2016.
 Proposals for Panel two should be sent to JoAnn Pavletich at by January 6, 2016.
 Subject line of email is: Hopkins/ALA panel one (or two).
 AV needs should be included in the proposal.
 Membership in the Pauline E. Hopkins Society is required of presenters.